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Our Process
When people contact us, most
have questions regarding their
project and how we will work with
them.  Here are some of the
common questions we get.
How Do I Start?
People usually have some idea
about what they want in a specific
room(s).  Often they have seen
something they like elsewhere, like
in a book or magazine, or on the

web. If they are not sure what they want they still have colors and/or
fabrics that they want us to work with.  All of these elements are
important as our goal is to take their ideas and create unique
environments specific to them.

When we meet with you we bring our portfolio of prior projects and
sample boards that may also inspire you or assist in the design process.

For us, the most important service to provide in this meeting is to
understand what you want so we can bring your idea to life, whether as
a backdrop to enhance a room or as the focal point of the room.

Do I need an Interior Designer?
Some of our clients do have an interior designer or another outside
resource person assisting them in their project.  But we also work with
clients individually.

We are not interior designers and do not offer other services besides
painted techniques.  Our job is to give an interior that finishing touch to
make it unique and special.
What will my job cost?
Most of our work is priced out by the
square foot, including murals.  Each
project is priced out as a flat fee and
what you are quoted is what you
pay.  The exception to this are
repairs.  Repairs are priced out by
the hour and we will provide an
estimate of how many hours a repair
will take before we start.

During our initial consult we discuss
options to accommodate your budget.  Sometimes the more simple
finish or mural is the best option.  Other finishes or murals are multi
layered and complex and therefore more expensive.  Part of our job is
to give you options that will best meet your desired goal and your

We can sometimes give you a price on the spot for one room or small
projects.  More often we will send you a written proposal within a
reasonable time frame.

Do I pay for design work?
If you decide to use us we will make up design boards specific to your
job so that you will know exactly what you're getting.  Since designing
is one of the more difficult parts of the project, we do charge a design
fee.  In return we bring back multiple boards for painted finishes or one
design board / mutiple drawings for a mural.

How durable is your work?
All our clients with children love our wall finishes since in most cases
dirt and fingerprints do not show up as easily as with a flat color.  Since
we do not add water to our glazes or paint and use only premium
products our finishes are very durable.  You can wash your walls with a
soft, cool damp cloth and mild soap and the finish will not fade or wipe
off.  Never use abrasives or heavy duty cleaners as they damage the

Do we need to move our furniture before you start?
We would like you to move the breakable items in the room and all
items off the walls before we start.  We also would like you to
disconnect video or audio systems prior to arrival and move them if they
are on or next to the walls.  We can move most furniture but please let
us know if you want us to do this in advance so we are prepared.

When do I have to pay for the work?
We require a 50% payment as the start of the job.  The balance is due
upon completion before we leave the site.  In some cases, especially on
large projects, payments may be broken up into installments.

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